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-Holly Elke will be speaking and participating in a pannel discussion for auditor competency at the 2010 Auditing Association of Canada Conference, to be held April 19 - 21, 2010 in Kananaskis Village (Calgary), Alberta.

-Holly Elke will be speaking at the 2010 CSSE Professional Development Conference, Prevention: Global Vision - Local Practice, to be held September 12 - 15, 2010 in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

-Holly Elke recently spoke at the 2009 HRIA Conference in April held in Edmonton. Her presentation from the conference is now available in our resources section.

-SH&E and Peak Safety Solutons have Joined Forces! In January 2008 SPM Solutions Inc. was launched to increase the range of QHSE Services, Solutions, and Products available to our customers. Coming soon you can visit us at www.spm-solutions.ca.

-We recently presented at the ASSE Conference in Las Vegas Nevada from June 9th to 12th 2008. Please feel free to view Holly Elke's presentation on SH&E Metrics: From Compliance to Improvement

-Online Training for U.S. Safety Certification Courses now available! Watch for our new products and software services coming in 2008.


SH&E System Solutions Inc. provides practical business solutions to support your Safety, Environmental, and Quality Management Systems needs and requirements. Through a group of experienced and dedicated professionals, we can help you to develop, implement, and evaluate your SHE&Q systems. We also provide Risk Assessment Services and support to the Human Resource Functions of your organization. For more detailed information see our About Us page and explore our service offerings listed below.

Please feel free to download a copy of our company brochure as well.

Health and Safety is a core service area that can be integrated with our environmental and quality service offerings. We provide both basic and advanced Integrated System Development, Risk Assessment Studies, Compliance Assistance, Training, Investigation and Audit Services.  Learn More...

The Management of Environmental Systems is also an integral part of our core services. We provide EMS 14001 Program Development, Risk Assessment Studies, 14001 Internal Audits / Gap Analysis, and Compliance Reviews.   Learn More...

Quality Management is a fundamental part of our core service offerings. We offer Practical Program Planning, Development and Evaluation Services that focus on critical business processes such as Design, Manufacturing, Human Resources, Training, and Customer Service.  Learn More...

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